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Rack De Madeira, Passo A Passo


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Passo a passo da contrução de um rack de madeira


e uma propaganda bem legal sobre um squat rack no craiglist

Ever killed a bear with your BEAR hands? Ever lifted a car off a burning orphanage? Ever ripped a mayan phone book in half? Yeah, I didn't think so. Because they are made of stone tablets, and you work out at a globo-gym.

There was once a time when I too played with nerf balls and thought the was a cool shoe. But I decided to take off my pampers and start my journey into manhood. None of this barefoot running, yoga-lates, starbucks nonsense. Do I look like a small woodland bunny that shops at thrift stores to stick it to the man? No stupid, I look like a few paragraphs of well thought out prose that is going to convince you to nut up and take your next gravity killing step into manhood.

You see, in a world of men who wear three different shirts at once, a scarf, and their girlfriends jeans - in the summer - steal wool beards are dying fast. The only way to fight this plague is to squat. Squat heavy. Squat frequently. Squat deep. (Never even look at a curl rack unless you've run out of plates and plan to test your knot tying skills with the closest curl bar as you tie some "accessory" equipment to your bar. Yes, I just suggested you use a cylindrical piece of steal as rope. Earn that badge, boy scout.)

Studies have shown that each year there is a 5% decrease in Americans who squat weekly. This is inversely related to the number of men who now squat to pee. As a result, NFL players are now fined for hitting too hard and a women's shoe company sponsors a superbowl champion quarterback.

I need not elaborate on the tragic fate of manliness in 2014. All I ask is that you join the fight against muscle atrophy, one ass-to-grass squat at a time. For the children.

This power rack is an absolute tank.
It is 8'3" tall *(you'll need at least 8'6" clearance or to punch out the ceiling to assemble it)
About 4 feet across, and about 6 feet deep.
It has 8 weight storage pegs PER SIDE, for a total of 16 weight storage pegs.
It's got pull up handles on the front.
Holes ever 2 inches for spotter bar and racking placement.

If you're wondering why I'm selling it, good, you realize the opportunity here. I moved into an apartment with a one car cage/garage that has an 8 foot ceiling. Apparently it society frowns upon blocking a parking spot with a tank-like squat rack.

Relax! I still have a second, smaller squat rack for my personal use. ALWAYS keep a spare.

*Bars DO NOT come with it.
*Weights DO NOT come with it.
*Dignity and natural increases in testosterone do come with it.

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Não foi em quem fiz, não, infelizmente... :(

o cara gastou "Total cost of the rack: $100 + screws, bench: $50 + screws. With the scrap wood I had lying around, total project only cost me around $120+screws." mas ele tinha muitas peças de madeira.

mostrei aqui pra um marceneiro e ele falou que custaria no minimo mil reais :(((

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Fiz um gastando muito menos madeira, foi de graça com madeiras de sustentação de lajes, e estavam jogadas em casa, só tive de serrar e comprar parafusos. Já lixei, envernizei e dei uma melhorada, no final de semana eu tiro fotos e mostro como ficou. Também fiz uma trap bar com pneu de caminhão, testei com 240kg ficou excelente.




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