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It’s summertime. For many Americans, this is the season to travel. Why? Oh! School is out and the weather is great. When Americans take a break, they often head for their favorite vacation spots.

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Throughout their history, Americans have been people on the move. The early immigrants had to travel to get to the New World. But they weren’t content to stay there. Explorers and traders journeyed to the unknown western areas.

world of warcraft gold Later, settlers moved west to develop these new areas. As a result of this westward migration, Americans at last occupied the whole continent. Even today, Americans seem to keep moving. Research says that the average American moves every five years.

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Besides their habit of changing addresses, Americans are used to traveling. Some people go to work in long-distance places daily. Their jobs may even require them to take frequent business trips. Most companies provide an annual vacation for their employees,

cd keysand people often use that time to travel. Some people just visit friends or relatives in distant states. Others go on low-budget weekend excursions and stay in economy motels. Those with more expensive tastes choose luxurious resorts and hotels.

Aion gold Camping out in the great outdoors needs adventurous people. Some people travel in recreational vehicles to camp out in comfort, while others sleep in tents.

Most Americans prefer to travel within their nation’s borders. Why? For one thing, it’s cheaper than traveling abroad. And there’s no language problem.

Aion gold But besides that, the wide American areas offer lots of tourist attractions. Nature lovers can enjoy beaches, mountains, canyons, lakes and many natural wonders. Major cities offer visitors a lot of urban delights. The convenience of modern freeways, railways and airplanes makes travel in America as easy as pie.

In America, people are on the move. Almost everybody is a tourist sometime.

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